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United States
what's to say, I make statues and sell originals and molded pieces.

my fb art page:

Current Residence: Northern California
Favourite genre of music: Industrial, Dark Wave / Rock
Favourite style of art: Sculpture
Skin of choice: female
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie
Just opened an Etsy account,… with select statues, will be adding more soon.

For anything else, just email me at to place an order.  All statues are hand signed and numbered (most are limited to 100 pieces worldwide, so they are very collectable and won't be around too long!). 

Currently I am focusing on the 8" series of characters because at this size I can get every detail in, while making them dynamic and interesting (usually battle-worn and bloody).  They are a bit pricy due to the lengthy time it takes to create each one (usually at least 6 molds that need to assemble one figure).  But it is some of my best work yet, so enjoy!

These are the 8" characters currently available for order:

Solaire of Astoria (sunbro!) $125
Silver Knight $125
Oscar, Knight of Astoria (elite knight armor) $125
Lautrec of Carim $125
Maiden in Black $125
Chaos with Quelaag $100
Quelaan $100

Some of my other statues that have been big sellers of late are:

Elite Knight at bonfire $300
Artorias the Abysswalker $300
Siegmeyer of Catarina (onionbro!) $80
Artorias and Sif (wolfbros) $150

Thank you all for your support, whether you can afford to buy some of my work or not, I appreciate your comments and encouraging me to continue to do what I love!  Lots more to come, and looking forward to Dark Souls 2 !

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Just wanted to say that I hope to someday own a few of your pieces, and that you do amazing work! =D 
Thanks man!  I really appreciate it!  Sharing my artwork means a lot to me :)
thanks for the watch:D (Big Grin)
Sunbro! :D You're great! ClapClap Clap 
I should fave everything here! so I watch you ! 
TheAbyssalSymphony Nov 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Hey, just gotta say I find your art fascinating and was wondering what your general process is and what materials you use, and if you had any tips for somebody trying to make something of their own. Any advice you could give would be wonderful as I'd love to try my hand at something like this, also any tips for practicing since I'm guessing the supplies aren't super cheap. Again great work, look forward to seeing more of it!
Hey!  I primarily use magic sculpt, which is a 2 part epoxy that self drys, so you have to work fast.  For a beginner, I would recommend starting with super sculpey extra firm grey, because it stays soft and is hardened by oven bake.  It's one of the most commonly used materials for these kinds of things, I just prefer the epoxy as a personal preference.  To build a character, I start with armature wire and build up the mass with aluminum foil, then put a thin layer of clay on top.  The best tools are made by sculpture house, and are the stainless steel fine detail set, but is a bit pricy, so I'd say only get those if you are really serious about sculpting (these can be purchased from dickblick as well as the super sculpey, and they often have 20% off sales).  It takes a lot of practice, determination, and you have to really love it to be successful.  Best of luck!
TheAbyssalSymphony Nov 4, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks! Would love to get your opinion when I get some stuff done.
sure! just shoot me a message and let me know!
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Hey Futantshadow. 
You're work is absolutely fantastic!
After i found out that you had made the sculptures for the Namco Bandai contest i knew i just had to have one of your sculptures, i've got my eye on Siegmeyer at the moment but i'll have to save up lol.
Could i ask you if any of these suggestions would be possible and if they were how much would an 8" sculpture cost. (I'm guessing that's the main size you do.)
Here are the suggestions:
Hawkeye Gough
Four kings (just one of them lol)
Taurus demon
Iron Golem
Havel the Rock
Manus Father of the Abyss
Marvellous Chester
Kalameet the Black Dragon 
Siegmeyer (in zweihander pose at firelink shrine).

I particularly like the idea of Hawkeye Gough (in a drawn bow pose).
Sorry about the overload of suggestions but i would just love to see any of these as sculptures.

Once again amazing work and thank you for sharing it with the Dark souls and deviantART community!
Hi! Thanks so much!  I would love to create all of the characters from the game but time is the biggest factor.  I will often create a new character if someone commissions me to make him, then I'll have him available for others to purchase as well (since I'll have a mold and recreating is much faster).  Occasionally I'll have time to make one of my choice, or if there is overwhelming demand for a particular character then I'll try to make that one next.  I do have some plans for November, so hopefully they'll be done in time for Christmas gifts!  I personally would love to make Iron Golem and Havel, but most requests are for Ornstein and Artorias at 8", so they will likely be next.  Iron Golem would probably be 10", just so he feels a little bigger then the others.. to make him like 24" would be unrealistic for buyers to afford ;) 
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